My real name is Christine Polistico . sixteen years old.

 I use to call myself at wattpad or other social networks as AKOPOSICHINCHAN , and that’s because of my nickname ‘ CHIN ’.

I start to write stories when I’am in grade six and most them are only written on the back of my notebook .

I also used to draw them up and make a simple MANGA , just for entertainment .

I like to read , those long and thick novel books . romance , suspense , mysteries , fantasy , comedy , action ? maybe ..

 All of them I guess ? I like books that awakening my sense of interest .

 In music thing , I really love to sing . honestly I thank god for giving me a talent to sing well .

 I used to be a vocalist on a band sometime . I also like JPOP cause I’am an anime lover and kpops too . ^^

 But nothing can replace original filipino music on me .. ^^ just what they’ve said ..


 I also studying how to play piano well . guitar ? not really .. but I loved to play bass. ^^

 MUSIC IS MY LIFE , and I really can’t live without it.

 On writing stories , my ideas are from what I see , hear and think . but of them are from my dreams .

 Weird huh ? but you know what I really love to have this kind of talent . those OPEN MINDED .

 Having a wide imagination is the best . fantisize others is really fun ^^

  •  I enjoying it a lot . that’s why I never let this imaginations to be erased yet I write them up to be an inspiration .


 Nose bleed na kayo noh ? wag kayong mag alala ! pag ako nag summarize mamaya tagalog yun ! haha XD

 Wait , if you want to ask me if I had a love life ? I will sudden answer NO! absolutely NO ! not now .

 Honestly , I DESPISE GUYS . I hate them a lot for being such a jerk .

 But naisip ko din na hindi naman siguro lahat ? na wrong move lang siguro ako dun sa first ^^

 Sa ngayon , I really don’t have interest on boys . I don’t know maybe I just like anime guys than real boys ^^.

 For me , as a girl .. we need to wait for a while for mr. right to come . ganyan naman ang love diba ?

 WE NEED TO WAIT , and wait and wait .. cause LOVE IS WORTH WAITING FOR .

 We need to sacrifice first before we get what we want . complicated but priceless .

 Oh well , I guess I need to start on summarizing my stories ^^

 Enjoy !

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